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Burke Rosen:


guitars and keeper of the Chi. This zenny fella grew up in Winterpeg where - at 13 - he learned the fine art of Travis picking from a student of Lenny Breau.  Burke was in a few of the 400 garage Bands that were active in Winnipeg in the 60's. He also played the prairie folk circuit and is the acting conscience of the band …

Burke Rosen:


... Burke Robert Rosen began playing guitar and singing at age 13.  Throughout his teens and young adult years he played in folk bands in Winnipeg.  He moved to Victoria in ’84, and was a member of the local band Sunyata.  In 2011, Burke became a  member of Ozmoses.  His instruments are acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars.  His vocal style is folk and blues. …

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